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Cucciolate - Dewi Tweed

Dewi Tweed
2009 International Supreme Champion
Black White and Tan, medium coat, born

ISDS 278783 - Kennel Club AL0901344
allevatore: Mr. D.A.Streeter
proprietario: Mr. R.M. Millichap

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Potrei scrivere per ore di quanto questo cane mi sia piaciuto ed è banale e scontato dire che lavora in modo strepitoso, perchè ha forse qualcosa in più ancora. Per me è anche bellissimo, ha un rapporto così sereno con il suo padrone che mi ha commosso,  felice di lavorare con lui

e di stargi accanto, aegro e affettuoso con le persone, serio ed equilibrato con gli altri cani. Conoscere il suo padrone e vederli insieme al lavoro nelle montagne del Galles è stata un'esperienza veramente interessante e unica.

Riporto qui di seguito le parole di David Rees a proposito di questo cane e di questo accoppiamento:

"I have been asked why I thought Leeloo and Tweed would be compatible and this is my personal opinion. Firstly the obvious--Dewi Tweed is the current Supreme Champion and only the very best dogs win this l accolade. He is also a true "work dog" with amazing stamina and endurance; he has courage in abundance and he has a great personality---always happy and easy to be around. We do not breed enough from the dogs with these essential attributes, preferring easier to handle "Saturday dogs".

When we breed and look for similarities, we need to always have an objective, or a "common denominator" in mind. If you look at the two lines you will see, through Bwlch Hemp in Leeloo and through Bwlch Hemp and Millichaps Ben in Tweed, lines back to one dog in particular who I decided would be the ideal "common denominator". Robbie Wood's Ben was once described by the late Matt Mundell as Scotlands power dog. I saw a lot of Ben and his dam, Liz,. His grandsire and great grandsire were Wiston Cap and Robbie Woods Sweep, who was the International Shepherds Champion, as was Liz. Both Ben and my Jen are in the maternal line of Bwlch Hemp and in the paternal line of John Thomas Jos and Millichaps Ben, through two female litter mates, Dell and Bonny. Not many people research pedigrees enough to realise that these are two llittermates and consequently that is why the Bwlch Hemp and the Millichaps Ben lines work so well together. In all the years I have been breeding from this line--since around 1968---I have not bred one single pup that would not work. Many of them have become top trial dogs but it is a line that has always produced strong and capable work dogs. That should always be our priority, trialling should be the next thing on the list?

Leeloo has a lot of natural traits; almost perfect outruns every time, with nice tops and firm lifts. She is, like Tweed, easy to live with and is just a handy bitch to have around the farm; the kind of bitch we need to breed from. I only wish it was easier to import young dogs from Italy to the UK. I think a Tweed x Leeloo pup would be good to train. NB. I doubt if they will be pretty, but who cares."


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